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This print is a celebration of Bears Ears National Monument, one of two national monuments greatly rescinded by Trump. While that decision is currently embattled in the courts, the result is uncertain and with it the future protections for all public lands. This is a cry to save our public lands and wilderness areas as they are now, untouched by development and forever protected for future generations. These lands belong to every American citizen, not only the government, and we must have a say in how they are protected and managed. Let us protect them!


Artist: Kate Aitchison

Kate Aitchison "Restore Bears Ears"


Monotype on handmade paper pulp painting (paper made from recycled textiles and non-native plant species from Southern Utah (Russian Olive)).

Printed at AS220 Printshop in Providence, RI.

Limited edition of 25.

15 in. x 22 in.

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