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After being cut down, the locust tree is known to propagate new trees from its root system. The resilience of the the tree and its ability to continue to create truly represents nature's constant drive to heal and renew. In the print, we see the destroyed, mature tree and its ghostly reflection in the root system, but we also see the hope for new life and the chance to start again. This series is meant to bring awareness to the crucial need to protect our trees and support them in their critical role in protecting all of Earth's inhabitants.


The woodblock used for this print is poplar, a tree that also propagates like a locust tree, from its roots. The work is printed on Stonehenge paper, which is 100% recovered cotton.


Artist: Sam Salazar

Sam Salazar "Resilience of the Locust Tree"


Poplar woodblock on Stonehenge paper.

Printed in the artist's home studio in Maple Shade, NJ.

Limited edition of 25.

15 in. x 22 in.

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