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This print is inspired by the official Seal of the U.S. Space Force: a generic image that appropriates the Star Trek Starfleet insignia. This print reimagines the seal to symbolize the mythology, knowledge, and storytelling of ancient and indigenous cultures of the Americas who worshiped, respected, studied, and learned from the stars, and paved the way for Astronomy. This print honors the Native American nations of the Four Corners region of the U.S., the Toltecs and Mesoamerica, and the Muisca of South America. Together, the powerful figures embody a vast connection to both the Earth and the cosmos, and are a representation of peaceful exploration negating any military undertones.


Artist: Enrique Figueredo

Enrique Figueredo "Official U.S. Space Force Seal"


Free Shipping included with all orders shipped within the United States. 

Individual prints are shipped rolled.

Portfolios are shipped flat.

To flatten rolled prints, remove from tube and place the unrolled print face down on a clean surface. Carefully lay a heavy board or books on the unrolled print and let sit under the weight for at least 24 hours.

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