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In 1520,10,000 years after the first Indigenous people, Spanish explorers set foot in present day Mexico. The next 300 years were marked by battles between European countries to colonize the land, resulting in Mexico’s independence in 1821 and loss of 55% of its territory to the United States in 1848. In more recent years, policies such as NAFTA, the Zero Tolerance Policy, and DACA have resulted in an immigration crisis, the racialization of Latinx people, and profuse negative stereotypes. However, Latinx/Chicanx people are not defined by contemporary immigration policies. We have a beautiful, rich history, and we are more than what is happening today. Nosotros somos más que hoy.


Artist: J. Leigh Garcia

J. Leigh Garcia "Más que hoy"


Free Shipping included with all orders shipped within the United States. 

Individual prints are shipped rolled.

Portfolios are shipped flat.

To flatten rolled prints, remove from tube and place the unrolled print face down on a clean surface. Carefully lay a heavy board or books on the unrolled print and let sit under the weight for at least 24 hours.

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