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Portfolio containing all 14 prints for Prints for Protest's 2020 Campaign.


Chaitra Bangalore "The Art of Growing"

Breslin Bell "QK"

Anna Hendrick Karpatkin Benjamin "Justice"

Audrey Danze Blood "Where the Light Comes In"

Cecilia Caldiera "Tidal Force"

Sara K. Dunn "Striving to Thrive"

Enrique Figueredo "Official U.S. Space Force Seal"

J. Leigh Garcia "Más que hoy"

Nabil Gonzalez "Raise, Resist"

Kelly Taylor Mitchell "After Octavia"

Mariana Ramos-Ortiz "Este archipiélago no está a la venta"/"This Archipelago is Not for Sale"

Anthony Rasonsky "Are You Satisfied?"

Sam Salazar "Resilience of the Locust Tree"

Kaleena Stasiak "Do Something"

Full 2020 Portfolio


All 14 prints will be included in a handmade portfolio.

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