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Portfolio containing all twelve prints for Print for Protest's 2019 Collection:

"Restore Bears Ears" by Kate Aitchison

"May My Heart Be Open" by Anna Hendrick Karpatkin Benjamin

"Cosmos" by Allyson Church

"What's in a Name?" by Nick Costantino

"Persevering Plants" by Sara K Dunn

"JOIN or DIE" by Enrique Figueredo

"American Red and Patriotic Blue 22" by Nabil Gonzalez

"Boundless" by Valeria Rachel Herrera

"Rebel for Life" by Leekyung Kang

"Relief" by Nistasha

"This Land" by Catherine Stack

"The New Colossus" by Abigail Zug

Full 2019 Portfolio


All prints will be included in a handmade portfolio, including a colophon.

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