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"Este archipiélago no está a la venta" / "This Archipelago is Not for Sale"


With this series of prints I explored the occupation of land in Puerto Rico. Rather than thinking of Puerto Rico as a singular island that faces settlement threats, I wanted to highlight that Puerto Rico is a group of islands closely scattered in a body of water, an archipelago. “This archipelago is not for sale” and “Neither for vultures, nor for corrupt people, our island is ours, period” are chants commonly present in protest across Puerto Rico. These phrases are printed inside footsteps that suggest resistance and protest against the occupation and colonization of Puerto Rico.


*A sand silkscreen is printed with transparent base and afterwards flocked with sifted sand. After drying the print is fixed with multiple layers matte finish fixer.


Artist: Mariana Ramos-Ortiz

Mariana Ramos Ortiz "Este archipiélago no está a la venta"


Sand silkscreen on Stonehenge paper.

Printed in the RISD CIT Print Shop in Providence, RI.

Limited edition of 25.

22 in. x 15 in.

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